About us

The company "Elektrokomerc" Subotica was founded as a private company in 1992. The founders wish to use their own experiences in order to meet the needs of modern electrical insulating materials, and manufacturers need to maintain and repair electrical machines.

With the offer of modern electrical insulating materials and offer technical and technological support needed for implementation.

Today, Elektrokomerc is able to provide a complete range of insulation materials for repairs of electric engine service and repair itself.

Elektrokomerc is the agent or distributor of several European companies electric varnishes and resins DOLPH'S, electro ISOVOLTA paper and plastic wraps, and the outer casing RELATS ISOLA.

By connecting with reputable manufacturers of paints, insulation, equipment, manufacturing and repair of electric motors enabled us to meet the needs of our customers at affordable prices, and help them make a profit for their own development and improvement of the company.

Our goal is the promotion and fostering of good relationships with manufacturers and users of electrical materials to the adoption of higher standards and achieving greater productivity and efficiency.

We want to get to know you, assist, advise and supply!